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What is Zircuti?

Zircuti (a.k.a black timascus) is a layering of 6AL-4V titanium, CP2 titanium, and zirconiumWhat sets it apart from other layered titanium is that zirconium turns black or dark grey when heat is applied; therefore you get beautiful blues, purples, with slivers of black.

Most zircuti is 60% or more titanium with very little zirconium. We went a different direction......ours is a 70/30 ratio of zirconium to titanium. The result is a primarily black pocket clip with bolts of blues and purples.

The Zircuti Pocket Clip Kit Includes:

    • Laser Engraved Mokuti Pocket Clip
    • Titanium Torx Screws (2)
    • Torx Bit


Zircuti has less "spring" than solid titanium. Bending the clip to excess may cause it to lose shape and VOID THE WARRANTY. The Zircuti pocket clip is compatible with previous versions of Bolt Pens/Pencils & TiScribe-Mini. No two pocket clips are alike due to the layering of the material. Zircuti pocket clip IS NOT compatible with V1 clip(s) screws.

Scratch and Dent Versions:

Fully functional. Sold at discounted rate. May have minor blemishes/ dents.

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