Copper Parker Adapter Kit



Product Details


Opens even MORE ink combinations with the TiScribe-Go “Parker Style” Converter Kit.

The "Parker Style" converter kit adds convenience to the writing process. The most difficult part of buying custom pens is answering the question; "Will my favorite refill fit?". Parker Style refills have the same external dimensions, so you KNOW it will fit. Most refill manufacturers make "Parker Style" ink cartridges for this reason. 

  • Kit Consists of Pen Tip and Rear Spacer (Refill Not Included)
  • Parker Style Kit is also compatible with the Fisher Space Pen refill (must use white spacer included with the refill prior to installation)
  • Included pen tip is identified by a white o-ring. The full size and mini pen tips are NOT interchangeable.
  • Kit is NOT COMPATIBLE with previous TiScribe versions


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