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Tipple Twist Zirconium Damascus?

Ships: 7 October

This Zirconium Damascus material is custom made to our specs. What make is special is that each piece has 3x the Layer Count of the previous generations. The posted picture is without polish. These will look EVEN BETTER after buffing. You requested more layers so we are giving exactly what you asked for; lots of layers.

Zirconium Damascus (a.k.a black timascus/ zircuti) is a layering of 6AL-4V titanium, CP2 titanium, and zirconiumWhat sets it apart from other layered titanium is that zirconium turns black or dark grey when heat is applied; therefore you get beautiful blues, purples, with slivers of black.

Most Zirconium Damascus is 60% or more titanium with very little zirconium. We went a different direction......ours is a 70/30 ratio of zirconium to titanium. The result is a primarily black pocket clip with bolts of blues and purples.

Titanium Damascus

Titanium Damascus (a.k.a timascus/ mokuti) is a layering of different titanium alloys. The layers heat anodize at various temperatures creating the blue, purples, and golds.