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What is Mokuti?

Mokuti is forged with two or more titanium alloys (currently CP and 6AL-4V). The titanium alloys are machined, then heat anodized to produce a unique blend of colors in the material.

The Mokuti Pocket Clip Kit Includes:

  • Laser Engraved Mokuti Pocket Clip
  • Titanium T6 Torx Screws (2)


Mokuti Pocket Clip is Compatible with Previous Versions of Bolt Pens/Pencils & TiScribe-Mini. No Two Pocket Clips are Alike Due to the Layering of the Mokuti. Mokuti Pocket Clip IS NOT Compatible with V1 Clip(s) Screws.

Scratch and Dent Versions:

  • Fully Functional
  • Sold at Discounted Rate
  • May Have Minor Blemishes/ Dents

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