TiScribe-Bolt Copper V3.0


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Product Details

1. Summary:

The TiScribe Version 3 is the latest revision in our Bolt Action series. The entire pen is machined from hardened copper. Updated features below:

  • Near Zero Tip Wiggle< 0.0005" w/ Pilot G2
  • NO SCREWS! Complete Break Down in < 10s
  • Higbee (Blunt Start) Threads: Push & Turn
  • "J" Shaped Bolt Action: Pull down & flick it!
  • Clip Bevels/Jimping. No More Sore Thumbs!

2. Dimensions:

  • Diameter: 0.40in
  • Length: 5.36in / 4.89in
  • Weight: 48 / 46 grams

3. The TiScribe-Bolt is Compatible with:

3.1 Full Size

  • Pilot G2 (Ships with TiScribe-Bolt)
  • Pilot V5
  • Uniball 207 Gel
  • Uniball Jetstream
  • Schmidt 5888

3.2 Mini Size

  • Any Parker Style Refill (also Fisher Space Pen)

4. Pen Tips

  • Full size pen tips have a black o-ring. Mini pen tips have a white o-ring. Full size and mini pen tips are NOT interchangeable.

5. Shipping Costs

  • US: $6 Flat-rate
  • International: $16 Flat-rate

6. Notes:

  1. The bolt mechanism and pen tubes are precision machined from titanium, copper, or bronze. Lubricant is not required, but can be added if desired. We recommend a dry lubricant such as black graphite powder. You may also add heavy oil, but understand that it may stain your clothing.

  2. There is a space between the clip and pen body; by design. This spacing is to ensure the clip does not make contact with the pen body. 

  3. Using alternate actuation methods, pushing the bottom of the clip against the pen body during actuation, or modifying the clip may damage the pen and VOID THE WARRANTY.

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