TiScribe-Go Cerakote Safety Orange - Full Size (5.36in - 27g)



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Orders Ship: Late 24 Jun 2022

1. Summary:

We decided to make the TiScribe-Go even better by adding ceramic coating; a.k.a. Cerakote! Safety Orange was our most popular color combination in 2019, so it is only natural to bring it back with this new offering. The underlying material is titanium, so it will still be incredibly light.

We really tried to make the whole pen orange like in our previous drops. Orange takes three layers of paint to make. The internal tolerances were so tight that we had to choose an alternate color. Black/ orange was the most popular combo before so we went with that.

Please note: Cerakote gives the pen increased wear resistance, but it's not indestructible. Please do not drop test them from the top of roofs or rub them against brick walls or run them over with forklifts.

    2. Dimensions:

    • Diameter: 0.40in
    • Length: 5.36in
    • Weight: 27 grams

    3. The TiScribe-Go Full Size is Compatible with:

    • Pilot G2 (Ships with TiScribe-Go)
    • Pentel Energel Series - NEW!
    • Pilot V5
    • Uniball 207 Gel
    • Uniball Jetstream
    • Schmidt 5888

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    5. Notes:

    1. The bolt mechanism and pen tubes are precision machined from titanium. Lubricant is not required, but can be added if desired. We recommend a dry lubricant such as black graphite powder. You may also add heavy oil, but understand that it may stain your clothing.

    2. There is a space between the clip and pen body; by design. This spacing is to ensure the clip does not make contact with the pen body. 

    3. Using alternate actuation methods, pushing the bottom of the clip against the pen body during actuation, or modifying the clip may damage the pen and VOID THE WARRANTY.

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